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A new standard of efficiency
A new standard of efficiency

MF 8225 Sprayer

Each feature of the MF 8125 self-propelled sprayer has been designed, tried and tested to meet your needs. Spraying is essential to guarantee productivity. To carry out the activity efficiently, the farmer needs strong machines. Massey Ferguson sprayers are equipped with the exclusive high-torque AGCO Power motor, which runs every day at the farmer's side from sunrise to sunset.


  • MF 8225 (2500 liter tank, 28m boom, W/Guidance): kW
  • Features:
    Fuel efficient AGCO Power 4.9 liter Tier 3 engine.
    Cross-drive transmission.
    A fully bolted C-flex chassis gives the MF 8225 the ability to traverse channels, banks and contours easily.
    The active airbag suspension delivers a smooth ride in the field and on the road in transport.
    Uncluttered and functional cab to maximize operator comfort and safety.
    Easy to use filling station.
    AGCO POWER 4.9 Litre, 4 cylinders
    Engine HP ISO 174 HP (130 kW)
    Maximum torque 675 Nm @ 1,900 rpm
    Transmission: Bosch Rexroth Hydrostatic Full Time 4x4
    Chasis: Flex Frame
    2500 Litre tank
    28 Metres Boom
    Section control (7 sections all boom widths)
    Norac auto boom levelling with 5 sensors
    [More specifications on the brochure]

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